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   If an athlete takes medication, including Asthma inhalers, please check out the UKA Information page  

This page gives details of our track sessions only. These are for senior athletes (school year 7 and above) and junior athletes who take part in our Academy sessions (school year 7 and below)
We also run very popular off-track running sessions - for information on them , please click the off-track button.  These tend to be by invitation, so if you're interested, ask Dave at training.

Information for parents
We run a small refreshments operation staffed by a team of parents selling hot drinks and sports drinks on club nights.  Also on sale are replacement spikes.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to put them to the person on duty with the refreshments.  If you'd like to be involved in helping at training sessions, please speak either to the person taking the money in the clubhouse, or Dave after the training session.

Parking Information
Please can parents park or drop off/pick up any offspring in the Golf Club car park
, about 20 metres up the road from the track.  Our numbers are now so high, the small car park at the track is becoming too congested, with cars blocking emergency access.  If we can restrict club use to session coaches and disabled only, it means that we retain a safe environment and easy access to the van, in which much equipment is stored.

Off-Track Training

Main Venue:
Deangate Ridge Sports Complex, Dux Court Road, Hoo, ME3 8RZ

Time & Date:

Tuesday and Friday (club training nights)

Senior Sessions
Specialist events, 6 - 7pm
Running, 6:30 - 8pm

Academy Training Sessions
Multi-Events, 6:30 - 8pm
Wednesday (invitation only)
Hurdles 6 - 7pm
Sprints 6:30 - 8pm

£3 per session


Senior Training Modern Pentathlon/Biathlon Training
Field events run for the first hour, and athletes will move straight from that into a track session, if they wish to do both.  If an athlete only wishes to undertake a track session, they are expected to arrive at 6:30pm and warm up to be ready for the session to begin at 7pm.

Places in field event sessions are limited, so please speak to a coach before turning up for the first time, to avoid embarrassment.  If we can accurately gauge demand, we can run an appropriate number of sessions for a particular event.  Track sessions are more open, and are split roughly into age and ability groups, dictated by the demands of the athletes involved, although we'd appreciate contact being made before turning up to your first session.

The club can cater for all track and field events and pole vault (although please ask if you want to give this event a go!)

The current specialist sessions are:
High Jump (Tuesday)
Long Jump (Friday)
Hurdles (Friday)

There is scope to run more sessions if an interest is expressed!
Modern Pentathletes train alongside our middle distance athletes.  Sessions are designed based on the athletes undertaking an appropriate swimming program.  Failure to do so will result in the effectiveness of the run training being diminished, so any problems with an athlete's wet training should be discussed with their run coach at the earliest available opportunity.

Junior athletes who wish to aim for Modern Pentathlon competition will be encouraged to begin the session focussing on their athletic development with our junior coaches, and join up with the senior Modern Pentathlon group for the second half of their session where they will undertake a similar but reduced workload.
  Academy Training  
  Junior training sessions are intended to take a multi-disciplinary approach to athletics, for athletes in school yr 7 and below.  We encourage such athletes to begin with our gym session on Mondays, and expand that to the All-round Athletics session on Fridays at the track.  The intention is to introduce youngsters to the concept of group training, and then show them a broad spectrum of athletic events.

As young athletes reach age 11 and begin to take more interest in the competitive element of the sport, we would encourage them to bridge from the All-round session to a more specific training group or groups, to experience favoured events in more detail whilst remaining with the junior group until ready for the transition to be completed.

Juniors are discouraged from attending the senior sessions unless invited by a member of the coaching team.  We believe in a fun, multidisciplinary approach to athletics  at least until school year 8, and the senior and specialist sessions are very serious and high intensity.  As athletes reach competing age, we will begin to integrate them into the senior groups at a rate that encourages progress whilst maintaining the stability of the session.