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Important Information for Athletes

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This page should contain all the information needed to legally take part in the sport of Athletics.
If the information you seek isn't available here, please contact Dave or your coach for further assistance.

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Medical Exemption Form/
Banned Substance list
Any athlete taking medication must check that is not on the Banned Substance list.
Further to this, any athlete who regularly takes such medicine, for an example an asthma inhaler, must fill in a Medical Exemption form and return it to UK Athletics in order to receive an Exemption Certificate.  This must be carried by the athlete at all competitions, otherwise the athlete is liable to have to choose between having their medication taken from them or not being allowed to compete.
Inhaler registration form
UK Athletics Change of Club procedures If you wish to compete in Athletics for Medway Park Phoenix having previously competed for another club, or indeed intend to leave Medway Park Phoenix to compete for another club, you must follow the UK Athletics procedures including filing a Change of Club form.  No stigma attaches to this, and no club official should refuse to sign the forms - it simply eases the process and allows all parties to recognise the wishes of the athlete and react to that through the proper channels. Athletes guide to change of club
Change of Club form