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Off-Track Training

The Phoenix Academy has been developed to give young athletes across the club a solid grounding in the basic skills required to achieve sustainable success in sport.

Based on the UK Athletics 365 Academy program, the Phoenix Academy is designed to allow all of our athletes to train in the basic athletic skills, and the equally important mental aspects of self discipline and analysis.  The athletic skills are specifically trained by qualified coaches at the Academy Gym session, whilst it is a basic expectation that every coach should be able to challenge athletes to analyse the behaviour of themselves and others, and its impact on training, with regular technical sessions allowing ample opportunities to reflect on personal development and performance analysis.

The Phoenix Academy also contains a sport specific element, for athletes undergoing sport specific training with the club.  Currently, the Phoenix Academy has approved plans for Athletics training, whilst Modern Pentathlon and Swimming/Lifesaving are awaiting further development before being added to the program.

Most sport specific training sessions are undertaken on club training nights, within groups comprised of Academy athletes, but this is not always the case.  However, training is focussed on developing skills relevant to progress within the Academy structure.

Each Academy member is entitled to purchase a Tshirt, denoting their current level in the Academy.  New entrants to the scheme are designated red, and aim to achieve promotion to higher levels represented by different colours.  Athletes are constantly assessed in an informal manner, and at intervals of 6-9 months, an entire Academy group will be re-ranked, at which point new colours may be allocated to worthy candidates, based on the Phoenix Academy criteria, detailed in the document below.

Academy Document     Academy Plans